Why do kids pajamas say keep away from fire? (2024)

Why do kids pajamas say keep away from fire?

. Back in the 1940s a handful of children tragically passed away while wearing fast burning nylon fibers. So in 1953 a law was passed requiring children's pajamas and mattresses (among other things) be treated with flame retardant before going to market.

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Why are kids pajamas flame retardant?

Under US law, kids' pajamas from 9 months to size 14 must be flame resistant or tight fitting, both subject to specific standards. Why? A law that dates back to the 70s, to protect kids from burns by candles and space heaters, which were common back then and more dangerous with billowy nightgowns.

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Is flame retardant in baby clothes?

So in 1953, they passed the Flammable Fabrics Act which required children's pajamas and a number of other items like mattresses to be made from flame-resistant fabric. (There were state-specific laws as well.)

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Why are loose pajamas a fire hazard?

Snug-fitting sleepwear is less likely than loose T-shirts to come into contact with a flame and does not ignite as easily or burn as rapidly because there is little air under the garment to feed a fire.

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Can you dry clothes that say keep away from fire?

It is best to line dry an FR garment or tumble-dry on low to minimize shrinkage. Remove the garment from the dryer while it is still damp. For heavily soiled garments, wash in the hottest temperature allowed on the care label (generally warm setting) to remove dirt.

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Are Carters pajamas treated with flame retardant?

Carter's polyester is flame resistant. But is it chemically treated? No way! Carter's cotton PJs are not flame resistant.

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How do flame retardants affect children?

Adverse health effects may include endocrine and thyroid disruption, immunotoxicity, reproductive toxicity, cancer, and adverse effects on fetal and child development and neurobehavioral function.

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How do you remove flame retardant from pajamas?

If you want to try to remove fire retardant from fire retardant treated fabric, use soap or vinegar, but best is to not buy it in the first place.

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Are cotton pajamas flame retardant?

Until 1996, natural fibers like cotton were only deemed flame resistant if they were treated with flame retardants. But in that year, regulations changed to allow tight-fitting cotton pj's since they are less likely to catch fire than baggy clothing.

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Is fire retardant toxic to babies?

The State of California lists TDCIPP as a known carcinogen and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission considers it a probable human carcinogen. It may also disrupt endocrine signaling – the chemical messages hormones send throughout the body – which is vital during the early stages of a baby's development.

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Why does my clothing tag say keep away from fire?

Flammable Garments

If clothing does not meet these standards, you have to state on the label, "KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE." This wording does carry some specific font and character requirements to ensure it can be read clearly.

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Are Carters baby clothes safe?

“In recent years, Carter's has disclosed using harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, arsenic and arsenic compounds, and cadmium, and that's why it is good to see Carter's taking steps to start protecting the children who wear the company's clothes.”

Why do kids pajamas say keep away from fire? (2024)
Are cotton nightgowns illegal?

In 2000 the Consumer Products Safety Commission amended the sleepwear law so that manufacturers could make 100% organic cotton nightgowns and pajamas as long as they were tight-fitting. This meant that particular measurements needed to meet the standards set forth by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

What clothes catch fire easily?

Cellulose fibres, like cotton, linen and viscose, easily catch fire, and the flames spread rapidly if the textile has not been impregnated with a flame retardant. The thinner the fabric, the more easily it burns. Thin fabrics made from cellulose fibres can actually be compared to paper, which is also cellulose-based.

What laundry detergent is good for fire retardant clothes?

Use Any Laundry Detergent

You can use regular detergent to wash and care for your flame-resistant clothing, and it won't damage your pieces. There are specialty laundry products made for FR clothing. These products are gentler on the fabric but still remove stains.

How many times can you wash fire retardant clothing?

Most FR garments loses its effectiveness after 25-50 wash cycles. When you buy used gear, you don't know how well the person washed them, used them, and how many more wash cycles it can take. Used flame-resistant gear is less effective and safety should be your #1 priority.

Are kids PJS fire proof?

Sleepwear must be made of flame-resistant material; or clothing must be tight-fitting for any children's size between nine months to a size 14.

Do Burt's Bees pajamas have flame retardant?

While all bees are of different sizes and shapes this is a good place to start. Keep in mind that our PJ's are made snug-fitting since they do not have any flame retardants!

Is there a recall on Carters pajamas?

Determine if your Carter's Infant One Piece Fleece, Footed Pajama is affected: This recall involves Carter's infant one piece fleece, footed pajamas. The affected product was sold between July 2022 and September 2022.

Is fire retardant cancerous?

What is the problem with organic flame retardants? Many flame retardants are bioaccumulative (accumulate inside cells) and toxic to wildlife and humans. Some are carcinogenic (cause cancer) (13, 14) and act as endocrine disrupting chemicals (15, 16).

How toxic is fire retardant?

Flame Retardants have been shown to cause neurological damage, hormone disruption, and cancer. One of the biggest dangers of some flame retardants is that they bioaccumulate in humans, causing long-term chronic health problems as bodies contain higher and higher levels of these toxic chemicals.

Which flame retardant has been found toxic and banned?

PBDEs, or polybrominated diphenyl ethers, are industrial toxic flame retardant chemicals used in consumer electronics, furniture, and mattresses. PBDEs are no longer produced in the U.S. but are still present in many items in our homes and elsewhere.

Does washing remove fire retardant?

Fabrics that have been treated with flame retardants are usually certified for one year. If you wash them in your washing machine like any other fabrics the chemicals dissipate over time, which is a good argument for buying used clothing.

How can you tell if fabric is fire retardant?

Any material having an LOI value greater than environment oxygen concentration ( 21% ) is considered flame-retardent, and Polyester has a 22% LOI value. Theoretically, Polyester will start melting at 220° C, and then it catches fire around 440° C, making it harder to burn than cotton & linen.

Can fire retardant be washed out?

The flame retardant cannot be washed out of treated fibers and they can provide protection for the life of the garment. Blends: Some FR clothing can be made from a fabric that is a blend of inherently FR fibers and treated fibers.


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